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Youth taking action to help Ontarians breathe easier!


The Youth Advocacy Training Institute(YATI) is a program of the Ontario Lung Association. YATI supports youth and youth-serving organizations in Ontario. We do so by providing exciting and interactive learning experiences for youth and adults alike on a variety of topics that help adults and youth work together to improve the health of their communities through advocacy, education, and positive youth development.  YATI was initiated in 2005 by the Ontario Lung Association with funding from Ministry of Health Promotion (MHP) in support of the Smoke-Free Ontario strategy.

YATI has supported thousands of Ontario adults and youth to work together to improve the health of their communities through education, partnership, advocacy and positive youth development.  The YATI program has helped to further develop OLA’s capacity to educate and engage youth in meaningful roles for change.

At a local level, YATI has provided training and support to youth groups regarding the creation of tobacco-free sports and recreation settings and beaches and parks, creation of recreation spaces for youth, supporting healthy nutrition policies in schools or other youth settings, and pursuing funding opportunities for youth-related programs.

Since its inception, YATI has engaged over 8000 youth and adults in learning, advocacy and change for a healthier Ontario. 

YATI offers a number of services including youth and adult trainings, keynote speaking, youth conferences, team building and consultation to organizations trying to build youth engagement and health programs.

To get involved with YATI, find out more about our services or become a YATI member, please visit