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Growing Healthy Children and Youth

 OLA Asthma Education Program


The goal of this website is to provide Health Care Providers with the appropriate resources (tools and linkages) to be accessible to allow replication of the OLA “Growing Healthy Children and Youth, Increasing Awareness of Childhood Asthma Prevalence” project that includes the delivery of the school based asthma education program “Roaring Adventures of Puff”, RAP.

Although the focus is on elementary school aged children from Kindergarten to Grade 6, the asthma education program consists of presentations that can be delivered to Grades 7 to 9, the community: day care staff, seniors home, community health representatives and nursing stations staff.

The OLA gratefully acknowledges the partnerships and collaborations that contributed to the success of the project.

 1)    Access was provided  to the OLA for the Alberta RAP Program for their Implementation Guide:

a.    Program implementation
b.    Program adaptation to community needs

2)    Collaboration with the Public Health School Asthma Program, PHSAP, for their expertise including in:

a.    Public Health Unit contacts across the Province of Ontario
b.    School Board of Education and school engagement
i.    Northwest Catholic District
ii.    Rainy River District
iii.    Keewatin-Patricia District
c.    Creating Asthma Friendly Schools developed to support the work of the Public Health School Asthma Project, an initiative of the Asthma Plan of Action, funded by the Government of Ontario.

3)    Collaboration with  the Keewaytinook Okimakanak Tele-Mushkiki , KOTM, in:

a.    The provision of a Community Engagement Coordinator to connect with the First Nations communities in the Sioux Lookout Zone, Nishnawbe Aski Nation:
i.    Deer Lake
ii.    Keewaywin
iii.    Bearskin Lake
iv.    Sandy Lake
v.    Wunnumin
vi.    Slate Falls
vii.    Mishkeegogamang Lake
b.    The education on: (by Tina Kakapetum-Schultz, Coordinator/FN Advisor)
i.    Community Engagement Protocol – Native Code of Ethics
ii.    Integration of the Seven Teachings in Health Education
iii.    Sharing Circle Guidelines

4)    Local Asthma Education Centres (provided Asthma Educators to be RAP Trained instructors and connections to the local schools):

a.    Primary Care Asthma Education Centre:
i.    Gizhewaadiziwin Access Centre
ii.    Dryden Area Family Health Team
iii.    Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
b.    Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre


 Website content of the Growing Healthy Children and Youth:

1)    OLA Asthma Education Program School and Community Engagement Tools

a.    Community Engagement
b.    School recruitment
c.    Parent and Student Recruitment
d.    Asthma Education – School RAP Certificates (for Students/School Participants)

2)    Asthma Education Resources (Tools and Linkages)

a.    Creating Asthma Friendly Schools:
b.    Roaring Adventures of Puff (RAP):
c.    Instructor’s Toolkit created to help support the delivery of RAP in schools
d.    Asthma Presentations
i.    RAP School Assembly for Kindergarten to Grade 6
ii.    Asthma Presentation for the community
1.    Asthma Algorithm (sample for community asthma pathway )
iii.    CAFS Guide Presentation based on the Asthma in Schools
The presentation was developed by the OLA to help introduce and guide the school staff in the work of the PHSAP in creating asthma friendly schools. Content highlights the resources and the goal of  CAFS.  Please refer to the website asthma in schools.
iv.    Ontario Physical Health Education Association, OPHEA.
OPHEA works in partnership with school boards, public health, government, non-government organizations, and private sector organizations to develop groundbreaking programs and services that support healthy active schools and communities. They have developed

3)    Growing Healthy Children and Youth project – Executive Summary