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Ontario Thoracic Society 



The Ontario Thoracic Society supports medical education, through its publications of articles relevant to respiratory medicine.


Ontario Thoracic Reviews

“The Ontario Thoracic Review (OTR) is written by and for physicians established in the field of respiratory care. It is dedicated towards promoting health through education. Featured articles include educational reviews, editorials and related topics of interest for respirologists and family physicians.” The OTS Editorial Board oversees the preparation of the Ontario Thoracic Reviews. This official publication features updates on current clinical and scientific topics in respiratory medicine.

Ontario Thoracic Reviews Editorial Board 2016-2017

Dr. Christopher Li (Co-Editor)
Dr. Mark Soth (Co-Editor)
Dr. Robert Hyland (Editor Emiritus)
Dr. George Chandy (OTS Chair)
Dr. John Granton (Chair, OLA)
Mr. George Habib (President and CEO, OLA)
Dr. Hedy Ginzberg (Medical Director, OTS)
Ms. Pamela Tophen (OTS Administrator)
Ms. Jennifer Carvalho (Referencing)

 Ontario Thoracic Reviews

Spring 2017 Ontario Thoracic Reviews
Medical Treatment in pulmonary artereial hypertension: practical approaches
Editorial: John Granton, MD FRCPC
Authors: Marco Mura, MD & PhD & Ragdah Hussain Arif, MBBS, FRCPC
Read Volume 29 Issue 1

Ontario Thoracic Reviews Archive


OTS/ORCS Research Reviews

The Research Review provides annual highlights of Ontario researchers. It is published jointly by the ORCS and the Ontario Thoracic Society.

2015 Research Review - Supplement to ORCS Update and Ontario Thoracic Reviews

OTS Researchers Featured

Dr. T. Douglas Bradley
Dr. Roma Sehmi
Dr. Smita Pakhale

ORCS Researchers Featured
Prisila Robles
Tania Larson

Read Volume 11        Download PDF

Research Review Archive


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