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 A program that partners the Ontario Lung Association with local lawyers to help people prepare for the future.


 Lawyers and Law Firms 

An Overview 

The Ontario Lung Association runs The Will Campaign in partnership with local lawyers and law firms. Throughout the year and depending on the lawyer’s availability, The Lung Association will promote the special rates offered by participating lawyers. All proceeds from The Will Campaign benefit Ontario Lung Association medical research and community health programs. 

The Details 

Participating lawyers provide the following services:

Basic Will for $100

Basic Power of Attorney for $50 each - 1) ‘Personal Care’   2) ‘Continuing Property’ 

These reduced fees are based on one hour of service. Additional time taken for more complex services will be charged to the client at the lawyer’s regular rate and are payable directly to the lawyer.

Clients are asked to contact the lawyer’s office to arrange for an appointment. Clients must present payment in the total amount for the service upon initial consultation. Payment is to be made by cheque payable to The Lung Association. The lawyer will then forward payment to The Lung Association Community Office where he or she is registered. 

The clients will not receive an income tax receipt as they are receiving a service from the lawyer. 

Lawyers can benefit form supporting the campaign: 

The Lung Association will prepare a letter acknowledging the lawyer’s participation in The Will Campaign and detailing the value of his or her contribution, calculated by the number of clients and the number of services provided and billed at the lawyer’s regular rate. Lawyers will also receive a plaque and for each year of their participation they will receive a new year bar to demonstrate their support of the Ontario Lung Association.

The Benefits

  • Lawyers participating in The Lung Association’s Will Campaign will receive a letter acknowledging their contribution and a plaque to display in their office.
  • The Will Campaign will be promoted by The Lung Association within local communities.
  • Participation in The Will Campaign will increase community awareness of the lawyers and law firms involved.
  • Will Campaign clients may need more services, which could mean ongoing business for the lawyer.
  • The Will Campaign brings a service to the community by highlighting the importance of having a will and ensuring that personal affairs are in order.
  • The Will Campaign will create a positive image for participating lawyers and firms through their support of a great cause - The Lung Association. 

For information about The Lung Association community office nearest to your law office, please call 1-888-344-5864 x221 or



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