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An Ontario Lung Health Action Plan: It's Time

Although there are several initiatives dealing with lung disease, the Ontario government does not have a comprehensive strategy to deal with lung health, despite the significant prevalence of Ontarians living with lung disease.

Click here for the latest version of our Draft Recommendations


Ontario stakeholders played a key role in the push for, and creation of, the National Lung Health Framework; a national strategic plan for respiratory health in Canada.  Since the initial meeting in the spring of 2008, the Ontario Lung Association (OLA) has worked to strengthen its partnerships and identify the need for, and the opportunities gained by, the development of an Ontario Lung Health Action Plan (OLHAP).  The partnerships and collaboration on these activities resulted in the creation of the Ontario Lung Health Alliance

Further reading:

  1. The National Lung Health Framework Ontario Stakeholder Workshop (2008)
  2. Life at Risk, Lung Disease Application, Stakeholder Workshop (March 2011)
  3. Key Findings from an Online Survey to Assist in Identifying Priorities for an Ontario Lung Health Strategy (April 2011)
  4. From National Planning to Patient Outcomes, Poster presentation from the 2012 Better Breathing Conference
  5. Working Together to Advance Ontario’s Lung Health Agenda, Stakeholder Meeting (January 2012)

Why do we need a Plan?

Lung health affects us all.  Whether through personal experience or economic impact, lung disease touches millions of men, women and children. The most significant impact is on the long-term quality of life for individuals and families who are affected by lung disease.

The Your Lungs, Your Life report (Ontario Lung Association, 2011) demonstrated that respiratory disease also represents one of the most significant economic burdens on Ontario’s health care system, and that coordinated action is needed to counter this impact on our economy and quality of life. 


An OLHAP Strategy Document is the next phase of this process: mapping out the goals and broad areas of action identified by Ontario’s respiratory health community and to inform stakeholder planning as we strive to prevent lung disease, to improve patient outcomes and to save health care dollars.

Further Reading

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